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Nearly every generation wants to blame one another for how things are now, and Millennials have been on the blame block for a while now. It’s true that some among their numbers don’t make a lot of sense and try to introduce insane new fashion trends and have strange ideas about how the world should work, but blaming one generation in particular for the ills of the world is kind of pointless really since the problems in this world came long before the Millennials were even around.

Generations past that built ‘tough’ individuals continuously want to pull the ‘been there, done that’ angle, and it’s true, they have. They have every right to say that they’ve been through harder times, that they’ve seen the actual bottom of the barrel. But they’re not the only ones. The generations of today and of decades past have seen hardships too, and they’re not to be discounted due to age or the fact that technology has done away with a great deal of the hardship that was present back in the bygone eras of our ancestors.

Life deals people a hard turn no matter the generation.

Thanks to technology and the evolution of society people are living longer, they’re living better, and they have a greater chance to make something of themselves. But many people are still given a hard deal when it comes to the game of life and have to play it out as best they can. Those that have come before sometimes find it too easy to dismiss these hardships by citing what they had to go through while growing up and don’t seem to take into account that life is not fair no matter what generation you’re born into. The idea that they had it so much worse is a concrete belief in their mind that doesn’t allow for anything to top it.

A person that had it rough growing up shouldn’t be able to discount a person that’s had absolutely nothing growing up. Being dealt a band hand in life has nothing to do with generation.

Of course things were harder in the past.

Grousing about how easy people have it these days with technology and all the chances it affords them is a pointless argument for anyone to make since it’s too obvious that technology does manage to give people an edge that wasn’t there just a handful of decades back. Up until the 90s the internet wasn’t anything but a tool for the military and cell phones were the size of bricks with about the same level of reception. Today people are able to access anything they want thanks to Google and the phones that many people carry around are able to do just about everything a regular PC can do.

Back before all this was possible newspapers were still the favored method of getting the news, phones were attached to the wall and had a rotary dial, and even further back than that, technology was a thing that was thought to be more fiction than science. So yes, technology has made a lot of things easier. But in some ways it’s made it too easy.

Every generation builds tough individuals, not just past ones.

It’s very true that decades ago men and women had to be tougher, they had to work harder for their money and tended to get less of it. They had to work hurt, sick, and in conditions that would appall those living today. That kind of tough was unavoidable since it was the norm and it was what was expected of them. In today’s world such things rarely exist any longer since the safety-minded among us have decreed that we need to take any and every precaution simply because something MIGHT happen at any given moment. We’re no longer safe from one another on the street, in our homes, or anywhere we might roam. So we’ve essentially traded one set of hardships for a whole new batch of hardships that the generations of the past didn’t have to deal with.

As a result, each generation must grow tougher and harder in response to the new dangers and hardships they face. While the older generations can say that they didn’t need such things as ‘safe spaces’, the younger ones can at least say that……well, what can they say to that?

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