So what’s the general response? Making a case for pedophilia being normal is not going to go over well with many people. So it’s a mental defect now, something that can’t be undone. So be it, but an adult fantasizing and finding attraction to a child is still not right, no matter how hardwired it is into their brain. Even if they don’t act on it they should feel hesitant to come out to others with this sordid fact. Many pedophiles live in abject fear of what might happen to them if they so much as whisper what turns them on, and many parents would agree that this is wise of them, as those with children will attest that should anyone even look at their kids in a lustful manner they might find themselves being outed on the spot.

It might seem cruel, it might even seem vindictive, but so long as this behavior stays private and in their own homes and minds it won’t be persecuted. Once inside their own private space there’s nothing to stop a person from looking at what they want or fantasizing how they will, no matter how appalling it seems to others. But in general, the idea about pedophiles is that their fear is warranted, because people are bound and determined to protect their kids from any and all perceived threats.

Many pedophiles these days claim they don’t act on their urges.

This is something that’s very hard for a parent or anyone else for that matter to believe. The paranoia that has gone into describing pedophiles has made it just about impossible to not think the most negative thoughts in regards to those that would dare touch a child in a way that’s not consensual. While there are obviously those that resist the urges and only fantasize but don’t engage there are still enough out there that might not identify as pedophiles but still engage in the act.

The fear this brings to the general populace when it comes to their children is a noxious cloud that can easily sweep across entire cities, states, and regions as the very idea of an adult putting their hands on child in such a way inspires visions of violence the likes of which many pedophiles are right to fear.

There are female pedophiles too.

Yes, women can be pedophiles too, no matter how unlike it might seem. TV movies have been made of this but of course men doing it seems so much worse so it becomes more of an issue. But women are just as guilty of it and just as capable. The gender-bias that is lent to certain acts and beliefs in life is swiftly being knocked aside as women are proving that they are every bit of capable of cruelty and aggressive and damaging behavior as men are. While they might not be threatened in the same way as men when they’re found out the upside is that they are bound to be punished just as severely.

Some might argue that women have a maternal instinct that makes this impossible. That argument’s been null and void for a long time.

The punishment for pedophiles that don’t resist the urge to harm children is not steep enough in some peoples’ opinions.

I won’t go into detail over what some folks would love to see happen to pedophiles, but in the back of your mind you should be able to think of the many different tortures that some parents and even those that are offended by such behavior would like to see happen, even though it never does. Despite their destructive behaviors no pedophile will ever be given a sentence any harsher than the law allows. Yet if you follow what you read on the internet, which is not the most reliable source but can still grant some truths, you’ll find that pedophiles don’t always get off so easily.

Prison life for a pedophile that becomes known by their crime can become a living hell. For whatever reason their assailants wish to use, pedophiles tend to be placed on the bottom rung of prison society, or close to it. Many of them have been killed, constantly harassed, and beaten to a bloody pulp. Some claim this to be fiction, but former inmates have told their stories and have been rather convincing, especially since there have been actual reports to substantiate such events. While it might not happen as often as Hollywood would have us believe, pedophiles are in fact given a rather hard sentence when they’re sent to prison, but not by the judge.

What a person thinks about and fantasizes about in the comfort of their own home or in a private space away from others is their business, however foul it might be in the case of a pedophile. But in public, and where it can be seen, pedophiles have a right to be afraid, and a very big reason to be worried. Their sexual fantasies towards children are something that a lot of parents won’t abide, and should they be made public then it becomes an issue that many parents will gladly take into their own hands if need be.


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