This thing is absolutely massive if that’s one of the first things you notice. The guys working at this shop are wizards when it comes to making weapons and this is one of their best by far. The sword itself is made from about at least 100 different pieces if not more and while the movie might not have been all that popular with fans the blade is extremely impressive. Watching it being built is kind of a joy since seeing how it comes together is a treat. While some of the techniques are new and some are fairly old school the finished result is something that you definitely can’t deny is simply amazing.

In the movie the blade is of course taller than a human being and probably much wider, but for this version the guys had to be able to wield it by the end, and as you can see at the finish it’s almost impossible to swing it around like they’ve done with the other weapons they’ve created. The process of making this blade is something that had to have taken a serious amount of man hours and many overnighters just to get it right and get it all finished the way it needed to be.

One thing in particular that’s been seen with other weapons is that the runes that line the flats of the blade are incredibly intricate and are done just as they appear on the blade in the movie. It might be more of a fan thing when talking about it, but this is simply too impressive to let pass, and the end result is a weapon that many people couldn’t even hold aloft let alone wield. But it’s awesome all the same.

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