Let’s break it down before too many people get upset and huffy. It’s not okay to hit a woman anytime you feel like it. If your dinner’s cold, if she talks back to you, if she looks at you the wrong way. It’s NEVER okay to just hit a woman for absolutely no reason. Now, take a breath because here it comes, let’s talk about a few reasons why it’s not okay, but acceptable to hit a woman. Oh I can hear the gears in people’s heads now as they try to come up with an array of reasons and jabs to come at me as they think over why anyone would ever bother to say such a thing.

Well, let’s just dive in shall we?

Women want equality and possibly equity.

Women want the same chances in life and that’s great since as human beings they have earned them and deserve them simply because they are human beings and should be given the same opportunities. But those women, not all of them keep in mind, that believe that they should have everything they want WITHOUT the drawbacks versus those that will take everything that comes from their desire to be on equal footing tend to think that it’s okay if a woman beats up a man since she’s a woman, which means she’s allowed.

No man that beats a woman is a real man, but there is a point when reason has to overcome honor. Any woman that believes they can go around slapping, hitting, kicking, or abusing men in any way is deluding themselves if they think that men won’t fight back at some point. It might be that some men will take it too far, and this is what doesn’t need to happen. But those men that hit back to get an abusive woman off of them or to warn them off aren’t typically those that will continue the attack. My own personal experience is not something I am proud of, but I have struck a woman with a closed fist after being cut from ear to cheek after she sucker-punched me to begin with.

Yes a man hits harder on average, but the man that strikes a woman to back her away is a man that refuses to be brutalized for nothing. My crime? I was 86-ing the woman from my place of employment as ordered. Obviously she didn’t care who she was hitting, and I was the first available target. I’m not proud of it, but like so many others I won’t stand for being hit without giving it right back to the individual.

Women can be the aggressors.

It’s not often that his happens but it can happen. The example mentioned above was a drunken example of what can happen, not what always does happen. Women have grown far tougher in this day and age and thanks to being empowered in many ways, which is great to be honest, a lot of them feel more capable and sure of themselves than ever before. It won’t typically happen, as many women will only become aggressive while they’re being attacked, but stories of female abusers don’t often make the news for a reason. Men don’t like to look weak, men don’t want to admit to being beaten by a woman, and so on and so forth. Men are babies when it comes to being beaten by anyone they perceive as being weaker in any way, so it stands to reason that women abusers won’t be reported as often.

Hitting a woman is not okay, but there are circumstances when it’s understandable.

It’s not okay to hit women. Some people would say that it’s never okay, while other people would agree that women shouldn’t be given a free pass to hit men whenever they feel the need. Those people that claim that a real man never touches a woman might back up a step if it was put to them in such a manner, perhaps stating that women don’t do this, but it would be easy enough to prove them wrong. PEOPLE hitting PEOPLE should not be okay. If a woman hits a man the man is expected to suck it up and walk away according to some folks. But if a woman wants to hit a man, it seems to be okay in their eyes, until they’re called on it.

Make up your minds people, and realize that the moment a woman starts laying into a man she’s stepped into a pair of shoes that come with different expectations. There’s no call for a man to go beating on a woman, this is true and unavoidable. But if a woman decides to take the fight to the man then like ANYONE ELSE, the man has a right to defend himself and back her off.

No man gets to abuse a woman, but no woman has the right to abuse man either.

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