Origin (formerly Long Beach Peninsula)

May 8th, 2073

The fight didn’t last that long, but she wasn’t the worst combatant he’d come against in a while. In fact she was better than some that had thought they were born fighters. But like all the rest she’d gone down with a few solid hits. This was no longer the world where hitting a woman was taboo, and in a place where survival meant letting go of your morals at times nothing was forbidden. The beating the caretaker gave Marnie was nothing short of humiliating, but the end result was almost worse than the fight itself, as he left her broken and bleeding upon the shore where she’d beached her canoe, easy prey for anything that wanted to come along for a quick bite.

He’d then walked away without another word, his staff disappearing from his grasp as he did. As far as Marnie was concerned getting away with her life as she drifted across the bay was a bigger victory than having reached Origin in the first place.

*               *                *

August 30th, 2073

He sighed as the image of another individual attempting to cross the bay near the northern end, where the mouth of the Willapa met the Pacific Ocean, came to mind. People didn’t often stop when they were denied anything, as it quickly became an obsession, something they had to have or just had to conquer. Origin had become, to some, a type of holy place, but also a danger zone to be avoided. He’d heard the legends, the tales, and several of the stories. After all he didn’t remain here all the time.

But not once when he’d been gone had this place been breached. Only when he was back home did the barrier allow anyone to pass through. Sealing this place off from the world on a continual basis was not a good idea, as those creatures that lived within the wilds of this land would surely become unhinged if they weren’t allowed to roam. Things came and went upon Origin, but he was the one constant that never seemed to change throughout the long history of the place since the end of the world.

He’d loved, he’d lived, and he’d even broken a little during his time on this world. It was inevitable really, no matter how powerful a person was. Everyone could break at some point, and the things he’d seen had done this for him in their due course. But each time he’d broken he had defied the laws of physics and metaphysics alike and had come back stronger, more determined, and far more powerful than before. He was not human, though he looked it, and as such he did not bear a great many of their weaknesses.

But the heart was the biggest weakness of all, and many years ago he’d done away with as much of his as he could bear. He didn’t care one bit for those that tried to reach this place, nor would he be merciful to any of them that actually made it to shore. Origin was meant to be left alone, just as he was, and if people couldn’t understand that then they were walking into their own doom.

Speaking of which, there was a fool out on the north end of Ledbetter Point to deal with just now….

(to be continued)

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