Planet: Buluake

City: Kualtal Capital

Nal had done what he could to calm the situation down, but it had already been too late.

“Leave you now must,” he’d said, his normally pleasant voice dropping an octave as the flute-like quality had gone. The fleshy pockets around his lips that held the many hooked, nightmarish teeth had quivered ever so slightly, but the Canin had seemed not to notice. Instead the Canin’s bushy tail had sprang up, indicating that his anger was rising, as he’d nipped at Nal ever so quickly, biting nothing but air but making his point. The fight had started in earnest then and no one in the bar was given any warning.

The Canin struck first, his left paw flashing out as his claws raked down the side of Nal’s head, drawing faint lines of blood that started to bleed purple ever so slightly as the Kulah allowed the it to rock his head to the right, almost knocking him off his stool as he stood quickly to avoid this. Nal didn’t fight back right away but took the time to breathe as the lid of his central eye dropped, securely fitting over the orb as the hardened material stood upon his purple-tinged skin in stark contrast. The claws hidden within his fleshy fingers and the twin rows of hooked teeth came out next, each springing forth in response to his mood.

For his own part the Canin didn’t cringe or step back, but instead uttered a wicked snarl as he swiped a bar stool across the room with one paw, his eyes fixed on Nal as the Kulah replied in kind. Unfortunately as Nal struck the Canin used his reflexes, not quite dulled enough by the drink, duck and then dodge aside as he tried to counter, missing horribly as Nal heard the strike coming and moved away. It had gone back and forth like this for only a few moments until Nal had finally found his opponent thanks to the utter silence of the bar.

The only sounds in fact had been the movements of the two combatants and the breaking of glass and, occasionally, furniture as they went at one another. Nal got hit a few more times but it didn’t seem to faze him, nor did his hits seem to slow the Canin down at first. In fact it was only when Nal managed to take the fight in a bit closer that it had finally been decided. His claws had scored the Canin more than once by that point but as he moved in below a heavy strike from the wolfish being he’d sunk his claws hard into the creature’s inner thigh, right near the spot where many creatures kept their genitals.

The howl that the Canin had uttered had been long and piercing then, and the fervor with which he’d tried to finish the fight had been great indeed. But Nal had taken his measure and was no longer uncertain of how strong this Canin was, and proceeded to dismantle the other patron until finally the Canin could rise no more.

He didn’t kill him, but he certainly reminded everyone in the place just why it was so dangerous to enrage a Kulah.

(to be continued)

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