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This can happen pretty much anywhere, in the workplace, at home, in a relationship, or even just between two individuals that are meeting for the first time. Communication issues can happen for a variety of reasons, but mot of the time it means that one person is talking and the other person either isn’t listening or isn’t understanding what’s being said. The language barrier that exists between people is also a big problem where communication is concerned, but we’ll leave alone for the time being since a whole other discussion that can take up article after article on its own.

One major problem when it comes to communication is that one party or the other simply doesn’t listen, and this can cause a major upset in any relationship, be it business or personal. There are of course reasons why this happens.

Some people have a severe superiority complex.

This can be detrimental to a speaker or a listener since a lot of it has to do with control and who can take it from the other person. In any relationship this tends to foster resentment in those that feel that they must continuously compete with another when it comes to getting their point across or being heard at all. Those with this complex tend to want to control the situation at all times and might even shut down emotionally and mentally if they can’t retain the control they so badly need. This means that they will actively stop listening to anything that doesn’t conform with their point of view or challenges it in any way. For those that have to deal with this any given situation can be quite frustrating since trying to get a word in edgewise is tough, and trying to listen to someone as they attempt to control your every movement is a bit annoying.

Unfortunately this kind of person is hard to simply avoid since this complex doesn’t just go away.

You’re simply not compatible.

There are people in this world that just can’t get along for anything no matter how much they try. They can be civil at their very best but with some people the differences between them make communication a strained and very tense thing most of the time that can become difficult to impossible in a very short period. In situations like this it tends to be best to do what is necessary to communicate and then, to keep the peace and the communication flowing, go your separate ways. That might seem like odd advice, but if you truly can’t reconcile with a person then keeping an open line of communication is best done when you only converse when you absolutely have to, so as to keep the one line between you as open as it can be.

Not everyone in this world is destined to get along but it always pays to be as civil as you can be to others, particularly in the workplace.

Some folks expect others to be mind-readers.

This is perhaps one of the most annoying and most damaging expectations to put on anyone when it comes to keeping lines of communication open. The phrase “you should know” is tossed around far too often in any situation and is at times used to absolve responsibility when things go wrong on one person’s end and they don’t wish to fess up to the fact that they erred in some critical way. No one should ever be assumed to be a mind-reader in any situation as the whole idea of being able to ‘read someone’s mind’ has more to do with personal experience with a person and having established a solid line of communication with them rather than just being able to anticipate what someone will do in any given situation.

In the workplace mind-reading is a product of getting to know someone, which means that you need to be open and communicate with them first.

Communication is key to the human race in many ways, as we tend to need to talk to one another in order to get things done.

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