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Ever heard the saying “Don’t want none won’t be none”? Or how about another variation “Don’t start  nothin’, won’t be nothin'”? A lot of us have, and the saying might not be grammatically correct but it’s as accurate as it can be. If you can dish it but can’t take it out then don’t start it in the first place. Now obviously the image up above is a direct stab at Trump, but let’s expand on it a bit. It’s for liberals as well as conservatives, Republicans as well as Democrats. It’s for anyone that put their opinion out there for people to read and expect it to stick, but can’t seem to take the criticisms that are launched their way when it comes time for the other side to speak.

Oh yeah, I’m a part of this too, but the difference is that I’ll stand here and take the barbs and the slings and the arrows and the shit when it starts flying. Who else is going to stand up when they speak and not whine about fake news or how Trump is a dictator and needs to be impeached?

If you can’t take the heat then don’t stand so close to the fire.

There are a lot of different ways to say this but if you can dish out the bs all day with a big smile on your face and then whine about “fake news” when people start saying things you don’t like and reporting on things that the POTUS actually SAID, then you’ve become a hypocrite of the worst sort. If you back up a man that acts like a jackass in front of the American public and the world at large but won’t admit some of his biggest faults because he’s the POTUS and his word is law, then odds are you can’t handle criticism in your own life.

Yeah, that’s a general statement, but in some cases it’s likely very true since a lot of those that consider Trump to be the best thing that ever happened to America will forgive him the way a lot of people will forgive a child that throws a tantrum in the store because they were told they couldn’t have a piece of candy.

Don’t cheer too loudly liberals, you’re in this mess too.

So deriding and berating your opponent is considered the honorable thing to do these days? Encouraging your constituents and followers to harass people that are allied with Trump and are a part of his cabinet when they’re out in public is okay? Whining about things without trying to make a change is okay? Grow up. This world doesn’t hand you anything, it’s not fair and it’s not going to be anytime soon. Even if Trump wasn’t in office and someone else was one side or the other is going to vilify one another in the worst way and the other side will praise their candidate as though they’re the Messiah reborn.

You want equality? You want equity? Work for it, push for it, convince people that it’s worth it, and then talk when it’s denied without a single reason as to why. Don’t cry that the world is unfair, it’s been that way for longer than many of us could possibly remember, and it’s going to be that way when our bones are dust on the winds.

This world is no place for snowflakes no matter who you are, what group you belong to, and what your ideals are. It’s okay to be yourself, to have different ideals, and to follow different people. But the moment you sink to the level of your supposed enemies is the moment you’ve lost. Grow up, wise up, and move on.

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