Planet: Buluakey

City: Kualtal Capital

Nal was more than just the resident drinking champion around the capital however, he was also one of the most important Kulah on the planet considering that aside from those that served on the Empyrean Council he was the head being on this world and the one that everyone came to when they needed something. But he enjoyed getting out among the people and getting his fingers grubby with the rest of them, and that included going to dives such as this one where spacefarers from all over the galaxy congregated. It was the best kind of spot to find the type of entertainment that Nal really enjoyed, unless of course it had to do with the idiocy of fighting.

He wasn’t afraid of a fight, no Kulah ever was, but Nal was more fond of drinking and partying while having a good time. The drama of combat wasn’t needed in a setting like this in his estimation. But some people had to learn the hard way.

The Canin that had bothered to step into his personal space after learning that Nal was the Kulah to challenge for drinking might have been fine had he not bothered to become so aggressive with his challenge. Of course Nal had been more than happy to accommodate, after all he’d stumbled home on more than one night after teaching a local patron or a visitor what it meant to really put the drinks away. The Canin however was not the kind of customer that this establishment cared for, but until he’d crossed the line he’d been relatively safe.

If not for the translator technology that was so prevalent among the many worlds in this system the Canin’s words would have sounded rather harsh and no doubt quite savage to Nal’s sensitive auditory nodes, but even with the translation in place Nal had frowned lightly as the Canin had invaded and then taken over his conversation with a visiting human from the world of Stotscha. Rudely pushing the other fellow aside, the Canin had barked in his own language right into Nal’s slightly purplish face.

“I hear you’re the one to beat around here when it comes to drinking,” the Canin had growled, eyeing Nal up and down, “You don’t look like much.”

Nal had taken another quaff of his drink, a heady liquor made from the brull berries that were so abundant upon his world. His cheeks had turned a bit more purple as he’d drank, a side effect for any Kulah that had been drinking to excess, which was the common habit of his people. Upon putting it down, Nal had responded.

“Am person that I.”

The Canin had sneered at Nal’s broken Basic, as the Kulah were well-known for twisting sentences around and speaking them in a manner that was quite disorienting to some species.

“You think you can beat me?” the Canin had sneered, displaying his teeth in an open show of aggression. Nal had just smiled in return, taking another drink before setting it down.

“Can course of I.”

And that was just the start.

(to be continued)

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