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We’ve all been there a time or two when the words that someone speaks to us have an effect that we weren’t expecting. The only issue that seems to come up now and again is: what happened to society that made words so powerful?

Does anyone recall back in the day when we were free to use just about any word we wanted to describe anything, anyone, and the result wouldn’t be like walking on egg shells? These days it seems you have to carefully screen every sentence that comes across the landscape of your mind before it’s allowed to be formed into speech. People get offended at the strangest things, and what used to be commonplace as far as speech has become a minefield that is nearly impassable in some situations and with certain people.

How in the world did this happen?

It’s not everyone that feels this way, but those that do are highly noticeable.

Those that aren’t leading the charge to change the speech patterns of the world are typically those that want to go along to get along, and in this day and age that doesn’t seem acceptable any longer. Those that raise their voice against words that at one point and time didn’t seem to bother anyone are seen as so overly sensitive that speaking the wrong word could mean the difference between a common mistake and being condemned as a verbally-abusive individual. The line between the two has become so blurred at this point that trying to decipher just how you should talk to such individuals is almost impossible.

Words are a form of communication that is continually modified to allow people to converse. The moment you begin to change the rules as to how word are used and which ones are ‘okay’ you begin to make communication a lot more difficult.

Word are meant to communicate, not harm.

While is this true there are those that seem to think that words are a tool that can be used in many different ways, and making use of them as a weapon doesn’t seem to be taboo for some folks. Unfortunately this undermines the point of communication and only proves the point that some people are trying to make, that words and their meaning need to be changed to the point that they’re hard to recognize as being a part of the language any longer.

The inherent problem therein is the use of the word however, not the word itself.

One of the biggest problems we seem to have in this country, and perhaps the world over, is that words are adaptable and can be made to mean a great many things. The perception of the speaker and the listener is what gives them power, and allows them to be used to devalue those they are used against. Should people learn to ignore what is unhelpful and not constructive to their well-being the wrong use for many words should cease to matter.

But really, how likely is that when people seem to love being offended?


    1. It’s hard to know what to say anymore since some words seem to shift and change in their meaning as the years roll on. Some are easy to agree upon when it comes to their negative connotations, but others seem a bit silly to take out of context. Listening to how they’re being used is a key ingredient to successful and meaningful communication, but too many people seem intent on ignoring this.

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