Once upon a time there was a man that was elected leader of his country. Many believed he was smart, sophisticated, and the right kind of individual to lead the people into the future. But before he was ever elected he made it known that he was loud, boorish, and incapable of praising others over himself. He became known as a pestilence upon his country, though while good things did come from his leadership he presented a face that was anything but loved by ALL the people. Those that loved him tended to alienate those that did not, and those that did not railed against him, howling and jeering in ways that made them look quite foolish even as those that loved him condemned them mercilessly.

This leader taunted other world leaders, he showed them utter disrespect and convinced his followers that he was to be admired, loved, and respected for his diligence and that those world leaders had in turn respected him. Those that sought to tell his story were discredited the moment they said anything he didn’t care for, their reputations laid on the line for others to belittle and berate. He went to war with his own people by declaring that the storytellers were liars, thieves of minds, and were unfair in their telling of his story. For their own part, the storytellers were inspired and angered by this and continued to tell the story in their own voices, painting a picture of the leader that was anything but flattering as he continued to glorify himself.

He was good at this, at that, and the best in everything he spoke of, according to the leader, and he was the only one that could lead his nation into a bright future. Humility was a pretty words that he disdained, as was respect, as was decency, and honor. He spoke harshly of his opponents, derided those that did not share his ideals, and watched his countrymen fight among themselves while he cheered on those that sought to further his goals. He incited violence when he spoke, and praised those that thought as he did, all the while seeming not to notice the serious divide that was occurring in his people.

Yet his followers loved him all the more, claiming he was the man for the job, the genius, the person that was much smarter than anyone because he was among the richest men in the land. He had a superior education, that was somehow lost the moment his mouth opened. His messages were taken as gospel, until they became unintelligible and quite childish. To his followers the supposed misrepresentation of his words was a sin, a fable concocted by his enemies, and not to be taken seriously.

In time, the leader’s term in office was about to lapse, and another leader was set to take over…

….but that, is a story yet to be told.

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