Impact (formerly known as Astoria), OR

May 8th, 2073

The family histories that he’d been given had been so eroded over time that it was hard to know if his mother had been correct in claiming that they were a part of the same line as the caretaker, or if she’d been imagining things when she’d met the man she claimed to be her father. She had been to Origin, that he didn’t doubt, but his parentage was still something he’d questioned to himself, but never to her. But promising a woman on her deathbed that he would seek out his father, be it a real claim or not, wasn’t something he was about to take lightly.

The matter of how to get across was simple enough, as he’d been the most adventurous among his friends for many years and didn’t seem to fear anything, least of all death. He had a healthy respect for the human condition and what it meant, but seeing as how he didn’t share a lot of the weaknesses that regular humans had, thanks to his father his mother had said, he was less afraid and more curious to see if his current plan would work.

He’d brought along a diversion for the Durgess, but without knowing just how smart they really were he could only hope that it would work. For crossing the river he knew that a boat would have been suicide, but the suit he now wore would be a little more reliable. He’d had it for so long now that he’d had to patch it and replace parts of it to keep it serviceable, but the ‘flying suit’ as his mother called it, was in actually a suit that had in the world of before been designed to allow a human being to glide along the wind currents and make their way safely to the ground. The challenge here was that he wasn’t going to be jumping from a great height, just enough to hopefully catch a useful updraft that could elevate him from broken spar to another, thereby allowing him to glide across the river.

It was a foolhardy plan at best and an extremely dangerous one to be sure, but it could work. He’d lived near a river for long enough to know that thermals, or pockets of warm air, existed near riversides and could even allow one to glide for a good distance before they needed to find another one. He’d become quite good with his suit, but this was going to be the ultimate test. It might even be his last.

Considering his mother was gone and he had no one else, he could live with that.

(to be continued)

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