It takes a supreme effort for Americans to stand together these days. Depending on what political party they belong to, what ideals they follow, what color their skin is, and even what sexual orientation they display we simply can’t get along. Other countries have their issues too, but in America we use just about anything and everything we can to justify staying at odds with one another no matter if we’re all a part of this nation or not. It’s enough to make a person want to shake the whole of America and ask if they can see the dividing lines that have been drawn all over the country, marking up one state after another in ways that divide the people needlessly and recklessly as unification has become all but a memory.

Why can’t people get along?

Find the reason for that and you might be able to market it and become rich. There are simply too many reasons that people can’t seem to get along with one another, many of those seem to have to do with the haves and the have-nots that are continually at odds with each other and have yet to find a lasting peace. Between those that want to work to make this nation a better place in so many various ways and those that don’t want to work at all and want everything handed to them America is in a continual state of tug-of-war that doesn’t seem likely to stop anytime soon.

The sad part is that this particular game has been going on for a long, LONG time and people, even if they can see it and recognize it for what it is, don’t seem inclined to stop it.

A lot of times ‘compromise’ is a fancy way of saying “I’ll get my way if you give up yours.”

There are times when it feels as though a lot of people in this nation have forgotten what a compromise really means, especially when the haves tend to convince the have-nots that it’s in their best interests to give in to their ideas and ‘keep up the good work’ by giving their feedback, which is rarely listened to. For those that would argue that the will of the nation is taken into account you might want to find ways to back that up. The entire nation mind you, not just your political party.

No one in this nation is ever one hundred percent right, though no one can admit it one hundred percent of the time.

A lot of us are set in our ways, that much is clear, but the idea of being unable to see past our own biases and accept that others have value whether it comes in the form of their words, ideas, or actions is self-defeating in any nation. Until we learn how to get along and come together as a nation this country is bound to keep repeating mistakes, electing those that are little more than crooks in suits, and bowing to the whims of those that barely know what’s going on in the nation while still being responsible for RUNNING the nation.

Forget opening our eyes, if they’re not open now it’s too late.

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