There are positives and negatives when it comes to Trump’s personal war with the media, which seems as though it will be ongoing throughout his presidency if the current atmosphere is to be believed. He fuels the press by denying that they have any validity, he fuels his followers by speaking against the news media, and he gains the attention he no doubt wants by remaining so firmly bent against the facts that do tend to come out at times. Unfortunately the news media is not blameless in this as they give him the attention he craves, they continue to batter away at him with facts that are both true and false, and in doing so they continue to build his podium a bit higher with the intent of watching him topple eventually.

It doesn’t seem to be working at this time.

People have been mistrustful of the news media for some time now.

When sensationalism is used as news and human tragedy and suffering are utilized in order to get people’s attention and boost ratings it becomes less of a ‘need-to-know’ situation than it does a media circus that seeks to entertain and titillate the audience. When news becomes akin to a popular TV drama then it has subverted its own purpose and has become something less than news. If people want to watch daytime and evening drama all they have to do is head to one of the major networks. The news media needs to report the facts without the sensationalism, as the latter tends to give people like Trump what they’re looking for, an excuse.

Trump is every bit the antagonist.

He doesn’t answer questions he doesn’t like, he doesn’t like having his words thrown back at him and will quickly turn the moment around in an effort to discredit those that have used his own words against him, and he acts in a petulant manner towards those that attempt to eke an answer out of him. In other words he’s a child that only answers when he wants to and tries his best to ignore, discredit, and shame those that would ask him for the answers that he doesn’t want to give.

Real leaders answer the hard questions and they stand up to criticism without resorting to the behavior one might see in a schoolyard. Should he decide to grow up a bit he might understand what it’s like to truly lead by example, rather than wanting everyone to fall in line and get with the program.

Neither Trump nor the media are in the right, but they certainly put on an amusing show at times.

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