It’s evident just about anywhere you look. People might still get along on a regular basis but when it comes to politics a great many of them will become instant enemies and take up their sides against their supposed opponents while praising their candidates as if they can do no wrong. Those of us that remain in the middle tend to hear about it from both sides as we’re called cowards, fence-sitters, indecisive and uneducated and many other words that are less than complimentary.

We’re not fighting, that much is certain.

Where there is injustice it is our right to stand up, and at times an obligation as human beings.

Keep that phrase in mind, “as human beings”, not as members of a certain group, or political party, but as human beings that by all rights should be taught to care about one another from the moment we’re young until the day we pass on from this world. One’s political party should never interrupt how we treat others, nor should it erase the desire to befriend a person based on something other than our political beliefs.

Politics might have it’s place in America and obviously it has for some time, but in terms of being human people need to remember what that’s like, and how it’s still possible to remove politics from the equation. This nation was brought together under the idea of freedom, of being able to stand together as one people, the idea that color didn’t matter, that those who desired freedom could fight for it, and those that fought against injustice and oppression of any type would be united in that common cause.

At this point people are barely united in the ways that matter thanks to politics.

How you vote should not define you as a person, no matter what.

What you think of others, what you do or don’t do for others, that should be what defines you as a human being. Your political lean shouldn’t be what makes you a good or bad person, as it has little to do with what goes on in your heart or your head. Many within each political party, ridiculous as those groups are, would believe themselves to be good people and quite honestly many of them no doubt are, but each side is quick to turn upon the other when a differing viewpoint is brought into play, pouncing upon each and every word that’s spoken as though it might unlock some horrendous truth about their political opponents that might prove that they’re anything but the saint they believe themselves to be.

Is there a solution?

At this point it doesn’t seem like it, but it also doesn’t seem as though people want to find a solution even when they voice such a desire. Those that would bother to speak on such a matter would no doubt state that they want a compromise, but would only agree to such a thing were that compromise to be more one-sided in their favor. No one wants to give and everyone wants to take. That is our America at this time, unfortunately.

And the divide seems to be growing.

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