Astoria, OR

February 19th, 2049

There was a new family moving in, but her mind was still upon the family she’d lost. For three decades she had focused upon her loss, stewing in the notion that she had failed, that she had done something wrong, that an interloper had made off with her husband and sons.

That she had failed.

Madness had seeped in throughout the years as she’d watched them, unable to make them see her, unable to do anything that could have caught their attention. The other had kept her at bay far too easily, smirking now and then to let her know that she was still aware of her presence. That had been the worst part, that the woman who had somehow taken her place had known she was there, but would gladly rub it in her face that she’d lost.

Eventually her boys had grown, her husband had aged, and when they’d moved out he’d sold the place to a nice young couple with two children and a third on the way. It was too perfect, and in her angered, grief-driven madness she had seen an opportunity. She had already terrorized the family for a solid week before finally appearing to the wife, a pretty young brunette that reminded her much of herself. Her husband had of course told her that there was no such thing as ghosts, no matter the history of the town, and she had done her best to believe him.

She didn’t believe him now though, and for good reason. As she drifted closer to the frightened woman she allowed her to hear the terrified screams of her children, much as she had heard all those decades ago.

A cruel smile lit upon her lips as she spoke, feeling right in that moment and so horribly just.


The End

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