A lot of us know how to hold a grudge, it’s a very human trait after all that we learn when we’re kids and don’t ever really let go of once we become adults. Some of us learn how to let things go, to just breathe and allow what displeases us to pass on by without leaving a noticeable mark upon our consciousness. But there are those that will gladly hold a grudge since they can’t seem to forgive or forget slights that have been dealt to them in the past.

It’s easy to understand how some things in life cannot be so easily forgiven or looked past since the severity of each memory an individual holds can vary. But the grudge that results from these moments can be far more powerful than the memory, thereby taking hold of a person’s mindset in a way that is not only unhealthy, but is incapable of allowing them to move forward as a human being. Grudges develop, but they do not experience positive forward growth as they continue to deepen, strengthen, and drag down with them those that believe in the necessity of keeping them.

Holding a grudge is like trudging around with a sack of bricks over your shoulder, it does no good until you let it go.

It’s hard to let go of some grudges since it becomes a comfortable habit to hold them. But the weight that a grudge can represent is something that many people would be glad to be rid of. The problem lies with what comes next. Many people that hold grudges can’t see past the grudge itself and therefore don’t know just what it will take to move past them, or what will be on the other side. The fear of not having the grudge to rely on, however negative it makes a person feel, is an impediment that should be something that a person is able to shed quite easily, but this is not always the case.

In order to see the light one must drop the burden of a grudge so that they can raise their head a little higher.

Holding a grudge can actually cause physical discomfort.

Your body does react to your emotions no matter how disbelieving some might be concerning this fact. Depending on your mood your body will react one way or another. A grudge however is continuing negative emotion that can affect your body in various ways depending on the severity of the grudge and whether or not the feeling is continually present or not. A person can in fact hold a grudge and think on it very little until the cause for its existence appears.

The act of holding a grudge is overwhelmingly negative, no matter how impossible it might be to let the matter drop. Some people hold grudges for a short amount of time until the conflict between them and another is resolved, while others can hold them for years. In the end however a grudge is the inability to move forward with one aspect of your life, and therefore an unfortunate denial to develop further as a person.

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