Whether you follow him, like him, or are completely on board with him or not this seems to be the case, that Trump is living in a world of his own making where fiction is just as strong as reality and what he says is eaten up by the people that follow him even if they can see past the metaphorical curtain and realize that things aren’t quite as he’s telling them. So he’s done some good things in his term, but the things he says tend to overshadow the things he’s done quite often for one big reason: he doesn’t shut up.

Politicians are known to lie, but they at least give the idea that they understand the difference between a lie and pure fiction.

Trump doesn’t seem to ascribe to this as he continues to fabricate just as much in his speeches as he claims the news media is doing. Listen to any of his speeches and you’ll likely hear him spouting numbers that make no sense, making claims that are absolutely false and can be fact-checked, and even going so far as to make up his own nonsense words when his tweets don’t seem to go the way he wants them to. Covfefe anyone?

His opponents are being given the fuel to keep going by Trump himself.

Sure, his opponents don’t have much to brag about since they couldn’t get the job done and were undone by their own squabbling and unwillingness to come together and take the oval office away from Trump, but they don’t have far to go when it comes to finding ammunition to use against him. In a very real sense Trump is giving them this power by denying the value of the media. By speaking out again and again about how fake news is seeking to undermine his presidency he’s not only baiting such individuals, he’s giving them the fuel they need to keep stoking the fires. Why a grown man hasn’t realized this yet and shut his Twitter account down and resorted to trusting in his speech writers is hard to imagine. The fact that he’s a New Yorker and is obviously quite arrogant and narcissistic is too simplistic of an explanation. Something is seriously wrong with Trump’s mind if he can’t understand just how the news works.

Even Fox, one of his favorite stations, has turned against him one point.

Neither side has found a way to be the better human being in this continuing fight, but Trump seems ready to count every minor victory against his opponents as a resounding win.

Only a fool spikes the ball before he’s across the goal line, and while you could call his presidency the quintessential goal, Trump has yet to fully prove that he deserves to be where he’s at. His presidency has managed to enact a few things in the US that have seen positive results, but his odious attitude and personality have overshadowed this quite a bit. He’s antagonized countries that already don’t like the US, he’s sided with a political thug that was influential in America’s elections, and he simply doesn’t seem to think that any of this amounts to any wrongdoing on his part.

He lives in fantasy land and he’s running our real-world country. Is anyone else worried?

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