There are so many ways to do it but few that are easy. We are impermanent beings in an impermanent world, but that concept seems to fly in the face of what the imagination wishes to tell us about what waits beyond this life. The final goodbye is, to many, not the last moment in which we will see one another. Many believe that it is goodbye for now, a pleasant thought that will carry many through the hard times.

But goodbye is still hard.

It’s the admission that the good times are over, no matter how fleeting or how long they were. Goodbye is the final note in an otherwise pleasant harmony that exists to balance the lives of those that touch others in a manner that will not soon be forgotten. The final goodbye is the acceptance that these times will never come again, and for many it is a hard truth that must be realized and weathered in the days to come.

The act of saying goodbye is not always final, but it carries with it the feeling that should we find those we love once again, it will be a long time coming. Many will gladly say that they will wait, that they will look forward to that time when they see one another again, and the anticipation is what carries them through, but the act of saying goodbye is still hard.

It robs the soul of a small measure of joy that might otherwise burn brightly for a long, long time to come. The diminished soul can continue to burn brightly, but it will pine for that moment, that feeling, that was disrupted by the final goodbye. A part of us dies upon each goodbye, and in doing so locks away that part that once knew the joy, the absolute pleasure, that was robbed by the final goodbye.

Can it be reclaimed? Oh yes, but it will never be the same.

The goodbye we say to those we love will forever haunt us in a way that cannot be removed. And to do so would be a discredit to their memory. We must live, laugh, and love as we did before that final goodbye, but for many it is still important to remember the joy that was, as well as the memories that remain.

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