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It’s amusing in some ways that people feel that this world is made up of a few select people that know the way we should think, the way we should feel, and the way we should live. Our leaders, those that we depend upon, and those that we give so much trust in, are far too often seen as infallible individuals that have all the answers, that can guide us into a future that something they envision with something akin to what some of us might think of, while the rest of us sit and wonder just what it is they’re seeing that we can’t seem to conjure up in our own minds.

There are different ideas that come from each individual mind no matter the fact that we live upon the same world and must abide by the same rules. Yet for all that so many of us follow those that will lead us in a manner that is contradictory to what we want and is deemed to be for the greater good of the many, when in truth the path that we are led upon is more ideal for those in the lead than it is for those that will blindly follow. Those wolves that lead the pack in this case are often aimless and less than trustworthy in their direction, but will appeal to those that seek to believe that they are worth following.

Unfortunately those that seek to run down their own path and away from the pack don’t do so well, but eventually they gather their own followers, like-minded individuals that oppose the status quo, running opposite to the established order in a manner that is not combative but is not complimentary either. These dissidents, as they are typically called, lead their own pack, and in a way become similar to those that they have walked away from, leaders that seek to follow a path more to their own liking, even if those that follow them do not generally agree with every ideal they offer.

And so it goes, the differing of ideals, the existence upon the same world, and the continuing split between factions, the forming of new groups, and the reforming of old alliances that might have split at one time only to reform under compromise or common bond that brought them back together.

This is the world we live in, a place of ideals, decisions, and beliefs that keep tearing us apart and forcing us to collide once more. It’s a mess, but it’s what we’ve got.

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