Astoria, OR

February 19th, 2019

She saw herself, but….it couldn’t possibly be her. Looking down at her arms, her hands, her body, she saw what she’d seen for so long, the same form and the same clothing that she was used to. But then who was this woman at her sink? Who was this stranger that looked like her from behind, humming one of her favorite tunes? Who was this stranger?

As she watched the woman turn off the sink and turn around her heart sank into the pit of her stomach as she lurched backward, her jaw hanging open as she saw….herself. It was an exact copy of her form, her face, everything that made her who she was. But as the woman looked up she saw her, and a smile so hideously sly lit upon her features as she saw the woman’s eyes shift, blurring to the blank white she’d seen in the face of the dreaded specter that she’d seen only a few moments before.

What had happened? Was she going crazy?

“You chose,” the woman said quietly, “And so did I.”

The sound of the front door distracted them both as her husband came walking through, closing the door behind him as the woman who was her but not her gave her a sly wink and an evil grin before walking over to her husband giving him a kiss as he wrapped his arms around her. She could hear from the couch as Caden welcomed his father home. And as her husband asked how her day had been he didn’t see her, didn’t even know she was there.

She felt like screaming, and so she did. And still, no one heard.

(to be concluded)

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