Planet: Buluakey

City: Kualtal Capital

It was a common thing that most spacefarers and every native of the planet knew: you didn’t make a Kulah mad. The race of beings, native to Buluakey, were normally quite fun to be around and would gladly drink, laugh, or converse with just about anyone that approached them in friendship. Their bright yellow skin, singular, humongous central eye, and their customary shock of hair that was all that adorned their otherwise bald skulls made them rather comical to look at sometimes, but if a person got close to them they realized a very hard truth about the Kulah that the most unfortunate were made privy to when they made the mistake of angering.

The Kulah loved to party and be friendly, but that didn’t make them weak. The various folds of skin and long, muscular fingers, three to a hand, hid away a very dangerous secret. When a Kulah was mad they turned into a walking nightmare, as sharp, curved teeth would make their appearance from the folds of skin that surrounded their lips both top and bottom, and claws sharp enough to carve flesh to bone would emerge from their fingers. Their central eye would become sheathed with a hard layer of keratin that would act as a shield of sorts to keep it hidden away during the fight, effectively blinding the Kulah but not incapacitating it in the least.

Whether able to see or not, the Kulah were renowned for their sense of hearing, and once their jaws widened to reveal the twin rows of teeth that were at other times carefully tucked away inside their mouths, the hearing of Kulah was said to increase a hundred-fold. This meant that they could locate anything within a given space by sound alone, and it had been seen many times that they were quite accurate and did not often lose their target once it was acquired.

But normally, the Kulah were peaceful. They loved to drink, they loved to party, and they did both plenty right after ending their shift every day. No one in the galaxy could drink like a Kulah, though many had tried.

But getting them mad, few beings would ever dare to do something so foolish. Until now at least.

(to be continued)

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