Being human seems to mean so many things and seems to comprise a vast number of different emotions, thoughts, feelings, ideals, and so on and so forth until your head feels fit to burst and your heart is overwhelmed with many conflicting notions that make up this thing we call life. The human experience is that we complicate the simple and try to simply the complex, telling ourselves that there’s more to see while trying to be happy with what we’ve already found. Humanity is in many ways a cure for its own malady but refuses to fix the problem largely because we want to deny that a problem even exists.

We’re delightfully simple in our complexity as we try in vain to stand outside ourselves while looking in, all the while we don’t seem to realize that yet another aspect of our being is watching over everything trying to sort out just what’s going on. Isn’t it great to be human?

Knowing which way to turn can be difficult if you don’t pick a direction.

Humans want so badly to experience so much of life that many will often find differing viewpoints to follow in the hope that it will give them the answers that they want. Unfortunately many who seek such answers tend to find empty platitudes instead of truths if their faith turns out to be fickle and their convictions don’t hold up upon finding those answers. Often times it is the person that picks a path and sticks to it through doubt, worry, and the temptation of veering off for something different that will find the answers that they seek, even if they’re not the ones they wanted.

Being human is a distracting experience, but it is entirely possible to focus on what you seek, not what you want.

The differences between individuals is confusing and often leads to misconceptions and faulty perceptions.

Like it or not, humans weren’t made to live with one another in perfect harmony no matter how many people say that this is necessary. Groups of people that share the same interests are capable of doing this, but throughout the long history of humanity it has been seen that various tribes and nations are bound to be just different enough that they will not be able to fully reconcile their differences and will remain apart because of this. Call it the work of the devil, the difference between one person’s beliefs or another, or the fact that human beings are still at their core animals with abstract thoughts, but humanity was never intended to live among each other in perfect harmony.

Conflict has existed since before humanity, and by this humanity has modeled their own existence.

The rise of civilization, society, and a new consciousness will appeal to many, but not to all.

There are those that believe if humanity enters a new level of consciousness that the entire race would be better off. However there are those that still believe that surrendering to such a thing would be the elimination of individuality, of the sense of self that humans are so protective of, and that it would be akin to giving up without a fight. Either side can be right or both sides can be wrong, but the truth of it is that the human experience is an imperfect thing and as such is bound to keep the species divided upon which course is right for the human race.

Be it a Utopian harmony or a world at war with itself, humanity will never fully settle into one rhythm, as the discordant harmony that is the human experience is what is natural, no matter how chaotic it appears.

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