Said Pain to Suffering, “I am that which no one avoids. I come both day and night, I am the scope of humanity.”

Said Suffering, “You arrive without warning or invitation.”

Pain nodded and leaned back as it said, “The whole of a species would no nothing of life, they’d be blind to their ills without me.”

Still Suffering replied, “Your existence is a point of frustration.”

Pain seemed indignant, indeed it huffed, and said “You’ll not ruin my purpose, I stand as a must, a constant, a rock, a boon to this world that we know.”

Yet Suffering only nodded its head, “Yet you remain without leave and without need.”

To this Pain just grinned and leaned in real close, “At least I am needed I come without fail, I need no invite to show.”

Suffering nodded, still not perturbed, “That is true, you are right, I must be a choice, but when told to leave I pay heed.”

To that, Pain had nothing to say…..

-it felt right

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