It seems like some of those in Hollywood get it, while others gladly forget it. Not all of them were born to the life of the rich and famous after all, many of them had to work hard in order to achieve what they have now and had to sacrifice a lot to get to where they are. But a lot of them still seem to let the glitz and glam dazzle them to the point that they seem to forget that their position is as tenuous as any other.

Who makes the actors?

The people do, if you want to be completely honest. Without the fans, the viewers, and the audience, the actors wouldn’t have a purpose and as such they wouldn’t have access to those huge, ungodly paychecks that they make so often. Too many actors seem to forget that their success depends upon the people that want to watch them and want to believe in the characters they create. Many upon many of them are very talented and possess enough grit and spunk to make it as anything in this world, but too many of them seem to think that they’re worth millions when in fact their worth is determined by the people.

There is no need for actors unless the people that watch them deem it so.

Ever seen an actor willingly take a cut in pay?

It’s happened believe it or not. Some actors have even donated whatever they make to charities according to their reps and those that tell us what’s going on with our favorite stars. It’s very true that some of them are altruistic individuals that want to better the lives of others, but usually this means that they’re well-off enough that they can go without the thousands to millions of dollars that they donate to charity. In this case it’s harder to be impressed though just as important to realize that they don’t have to do this.

Yet there have been some actors that have denied public viewings, have refused roles, and have simply walked off of projects because the pay isn’t enough. What might happen to the average citizen that does the same thing? If we show up to our jobs and figure that we’re not getting paid enough and decide to walk off, the majority of us would be fired. If we decided to start a protest to get more money, a lot of us would be fired, and if we decided not to do our job midway through, what would happen? Oh yes, we would be fired.

For those that enjoy such celebrity status it must be nice that they can choose to do something or not based on desire alone. Perhaps hurting their future paychecks would be a better way to make them understand what it means to give a word that you’ll keep.

It might be a fun job, but it’s still a job.

There will be others coming up behind them to take over their roles if actors decide that they’re too good for one bit or another. Being famous is great apparently, but it’s a fleeting thing as some people seem to have forgotten. What was popular a year ago might be old news today, an an actor that was hot stuff when they showed up can be shunned by the audience if they decide that they’re too good for them. Actors need to realize that their job, and it is a job, is to entertain. The mere fact that they make so much and have come so far is due to the people that watch and listen to them.

If not for those people, who haven’t forgotten where they come from, actors from all walks of life would swiftly come to realize that their palaces could very easily crumble beneath them.

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