Competition is great, it’s what gives us our edge and keeps us moving forward while we continue to strive for one goal after another. But in the process of doing that it’s important to remember to measure our success by what we’ve gained and lost, not by what the other person next to us has. Measuring your success by another will either make you feel dejected and feeling as though you’ve not done enough, or cause you to feel somehow superior to others, which can be just as negative.

Whether you measure up to someone or not, there’s no need to worry over it if you live your own life according to your own ideals.

You won’t measure up.

As negative as this sounds it’s very true. In many ways you will never measure up to another person as they are bound to have different ideals, different beliefs, and much different methods for getting to where they want to be. By measuring yourself according to what they do you run the risk of being able to do what you want and excel in the way that you desire. Those that you seek to contend with and measure up to don’t often worry if they’re going to measure up to you in the same fashion, as many people follow their own path and don’t worry too much about others.

The most successful people in the world tend to follow the road they desire without bothering to look around and wonder why they’re not where they want to be while others are.

Success is achieving a goal and repeating that action over and over.

Seeking to match and top someone else’s goal is not the same as meeting your own specific goals, and will take you further and further from the path you want to tread. Those who claim success by lording it over others have managed to walk down a path that was not intended for them and in doing so have worked that much harder for something that they didn’t truly want. However, those that did intend to follow their path in order to lord it over another are those that have built an empty house over a foundation of mud, so to speak.

Real success is not gained by someone else’s defeat, but by realizing your own path and following it without fail.

Competition is fine, but allowing it to become the only reason that a goal is reached defeats the purpose of success.

If all you strive to do in life is be better than everyone else then the chances are good that however many people you overcome there will be twice as many coming up from behind to unseat you. Focusing only on becoming better than others blinds you to the fact of your own journey and what it will mean when you reach your goals.

A meaningless quest is the fate of the envious.

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