Behold the pale rider, and his name of course was Death

Astride a hellish horse he rode

To steal my final breath.

Upon the road that forked he dropped me to my knees and stood there grinning down

“Choose the path you’ll tread.”

The road I saw diverged, one path golden, the other barren hot and cracked

Upon one I looked with longing, while the other with no more than dread.

“Choose,” the specter said to me, sitting astride his steed

Yet the choice I made vexed Death I’m sure of this

For my choice was unique indeed.

“Choose” the dreaded wraith demanded of me

It was then I knew, and then I saw

My small but valiant victory

Said I “I choose neither, you’ve taken all that is I,

You’ve left naught but a shell behind, an empty husk to rot.

You’ve forced me to move on you see, you’ve left no choice save to die.

And die I have, I’ve followed your rules, I am here not there.

Now I will sit and await my fate

For what more of choices do the dead have to care?”

The specter hissed and reared his horse, he shook his scythe at the sky

“You’ll choose one day, my patience is long, you’ll find no peace in this place.

Those left behind have forgotten, time has passed you by,

They’ve forgotten your name and face.”

With a shrug, says I “My worries then are done.

I’ll sit right here till Judgment Day

And wait for Kingdom Come.”

Death walked away with a parting word, “Be wary and beware,

One waits for you, one beckons always

Yet neither for your ignorance will care.”

-it was late, I was tired

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