There are some things in this life that we can’t escape and if you guessed that death is one of them you’d be correct. However there are other things we don’t get to run away from, and whether you believe in karma or not, you’ll be made to pay for the things that you’ve done in life in one way or another. It doesn’t take believing in any of it to realize that the laws of our world are absolute enough that they will take effect in some way during life or upon the moment of your passing. Karma is something that doesn’t announce its presence but takes its due all the same.

We live with the actions we commit and the words that we say, no matter if they’re lost to time or as fresh as when they occurred.

A person will be held accountable at one point or another in their lives for the things they’ve done and what they’ve said to others. Leading a good life is something different for every person, but it is something that seems to evade some as the belief that there is no such thing as cosmic repercussions or even passive payback that will affect them later on in life. And for some this seems true in a way, but then again it’s all a matter of perception.

Karma strikes in various ways, but it rarely ever misses people as it seems to use whatever is within its grasp to make sure that people are made to pay up for the things that have occurred in their lives. Or it will pay out to those that have lived a blameless existence and seek only to help and better the lives of others. It’s not a perfect thing, nor is it something that everyone willingly ascribes to, but karma is in fact a rather interesting idea as to how people are paid in kind for the things we do.

At the end, the final tally is taken and the check comes due.

Unless karma has had its fill of a person during their life the final moment will decide just how much is still due. That sounds cryptic and possibly a bit insane, but it seems quite accurate as even those that seem blameless might have said or done something in their lives that would warrant the kind of payback that they receive upon their final breath. It’s a rough way to look at things to be honest, but it seems to make sense in some cases.

Death is a release, a doorway to another existence as many believe, but there’s nothing to say that people won’t reach that next step without still owing a debt for what they did in this life. Death comes for all of us eventually, but it won’t come without a price.

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