Astoria, OR

February 19th, 2019

The shout was from Alan, and it had come from upstairs. Her mind went into hyper-parent mode without hesitation though she had no idea why she should feel afraid of anything in her home. Her sons had both called to her in such a manner when they’d been younger, usually to show her something that they thought was simply phenomenal, such as the first time they’d had a bowel movement in the toilet or a spider that had crawled out of the attic. But this sounded different, as though Alan was afraid of something, or he’d seen something so terrifying that he didn’t know what to do.

The only time he’d sounded like that was when he’d been confronted by a doberman that had lived down the street several years back. Thankfully the dog had turned out be quite harmless and very friendly, but her heart had skipped a beat then just as it did now. She was making her way around the divider wall and into the living room, aiming for the staircase, when she heard a resounding slam from outside, the metallic sound telling her that it was the large workshed her husband had just had to have.


This time it was Caden screaming for her, and unlike his younger brother Caden wasn’t one to panic. She felt her heart knock harder in her chest as Alan called for her again, followed quickly by Caden. And then she saw it.

In the middle of the room, right where she should have noticed it several moments ago, was an apparition of sorts that defied her logical and rational way of thinking, the translucence of the thing startling her as she realized she could almost see right through it. Garbed in some shimmering white garment the woman, for she could see the apparition’s face, was both lovely and horrible all at once, the cold, penetrating eyes staring at her from a face that might have been carved from stone had the features not seemed so soft.

“Choose,” the ghostly woman said, raising both hands to point, one towards the stairs, and the other towards the back yard, where Caden was still screaming for her. Dimly she could still hear Aiden screaming and Alan yelling for her, though at the moment it was all she could do to meet the cold, unwavering stare of the dreaded thing in her living room.

“W-what?” she breathed, barely able to stammer the word out.

The ghost frowned, her eyes becoming darker with each passing second as she glided forward, not stepping, not seeming to jar in any way with each inch she gained, but smoothly transitioning from one point to the next. Her heartbeat was so quick and so hard at that point that she was amazed that it hadn’t seized up yet from fear. But she stood her ground as the apparition came within a few inches of her, the air around them both seeming to freeze as a plume of vapor came from her quivering lips.

“Choose!” hissed the ghost, her dark eyes boring into her own as she felt that any moment she would simply faint. But she couldn’t, not while her children needed her. This thing, this creature, would not be left alone with her kids.

But what could she possibly do?

(to be continued)

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