Killing a bear is seen by many to be needless unless there’s a true and present danger that is presented by the bear to any humans in the area. This story however is something that would argue the fact that some human beings are simply detestable in how they go about composing themselves in the wild.

To stand up to rampaging bear that means to do harm to a person is one thing, but to shoot and kill a mother bear and her cubs is something that no hunter should ever claim pride in. Unfortunately this is what happened on Esther Island in the Prince William Sound when Owen Renner and his father Andrew were noticed by a motion-activated camera executing a mother bear and her newborn cubs. The pair didn’t know that the mother and her cubs were currently under observation and that their actions and their words were being recorded.

For the one case that gets noticed however there are typically more that go by the wayside since this occurrence is not always done in the open where people can see and take note. In any case it is a disgusting act that cost the lives of several animals that were doing no harm to anyone and were treated as sport by the two perpetrators. Worse than this however is that the elder Renner bagged up the cubs and then falsified a report saying that he didn’t know how many bears there were when it was pretty obvious from the footage that they were attempting to cover this up.

They did manage to see the tracking collar on the bear and instead of fessing up to what they did they skinned the bear, took the collar, and disposed of the cubs’ bodies elsewhere. They then made the claim that they shot the bear somewhere else and hadn’t seen any cubs.

Hunters, true hunters, don’t do this. Hunting is used as a means of killing for food and unfortunately killing for sport, but any hunter worth their rifle would not target a mother and her young in this manner and then lie about it to get away with it. Not only were the kills highly illegal, they were unethical in a way that demands justice be done in some manner given that the diabolical nature of it indicates a very devious mindset on the part of the Renner’s.

If they’re sorry now it’s because they got caught, as it’s obvious they weren’t sorry when they did it.

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