It’s rare to find someone that doesn’t want something from those around them and won’t do anything they can to get it. In this world that seems to be how things work though, and while it might seem to come with overwhelmingly negative connotations, there are some positives to it as well. Everyone has their own angle on what they want and how to get it, but it’s how they go about getting it that makes the difference. The long, hard way to get things is preferred by some since it builds character, brings wisdom and experience, and despite being harder, allows a person to feel good about what they’ve done for themselves and for others. The short, quick way to what a person wants often involves a lot of shortcuts and the necessity of harming those that don’t deserve it.

Everyone wants something in this world even if it’s just to see the next day, but how we go about getting it is something that you might want to think about each and every time you decide on how to obtain what it is you seek.

Getting what you want might isn’t always easy.

It all depends on what it is that you want. If it’s easily obtained then there’s little to no stress and no reason to really step over people to get it. For instance the average person wants to wake up, get through their day with as little trouble as possible, and then go home and enjoy their evening. For some this pretty easy while for others it’s a struggle just to get from one hour to the next. How we go about finding and getting what we want is all about how we react to the challenges that are set in our path.

Of course life isn’t easy, it was never meant to be no matter what’s been said. The act of living is a labor sometimes and quite honestly it can be a pain. But it’s worth it because of the moments we work for, the moments we earn, and the moments that remind us that out of all the hard times and struggle there are those moments that are fun, peaceful, and more than worth the effort. Life isn’t easy, but the moments in which you find happiness that’s been earned make it worthwhile.

Those that have an angle aren’t always the villain, but they’re not always benevolent either.

Some people aren’t content enough with life to let it grant them what they work for and are daring enough to find an angle that will allow them to not only get ahead that much quicker, but circumvent a good deal of life in the process. The only problem with this is that they generally have to undercut a great many people on their way up, meaning that they have to step on or backstab a good number of folks to get what they want. While this is unfortunately quite common in humanity and even lauded as one of the greatest ways to gain notoriety, it’s still something that comes as a rather cruel and malicious act that is somehow swept under the table at times when an individual attains what they want and is thus called ‘heroic’, ‘inspirational’, and even ‘brave’ for having the courage to stand up for their convictions and do what was necessary.

In short, we tend to overlook those that actually work for their place in the world and glorify those that willfully harm others in an attempt to become known.

We all have an angle in life when it comes to getting what we want, but those that use the means at their disposal to help others are often far better than those that will use such means to find their way forward while stepping on the backs of those that are in their way.

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