Such words don’t seem to mean much to some people these days as they’re easily traded for what we can get in the here and now. Honor is a fancy word to some that doesn’t much more than to say that you’d go without feeding your family or yourself rather than cut a corner or two and get things done. Integrity is about the same way, it’s easy to say you have it, but it’s hard to live a hard life and keep it rather than sacrifice a bit of it in order to get ahead.

It’s a sad state when people think that sacrificing either one is a good idea, but surviving in today’s world seems to come at the expense of who we are as people.

These concepts are outdated to those that have never truly known them.

That might seem like an erroneous statement, but to be quite honest a person that states that honor is a pretty word that means nothing has likely never known the meaning of the word in the first place. Honor is more or less the kind of respect that one has for themselves, for others, and will never sacrifice unless there is absolutely no choice. Honor is not something a person can strip from another person, it’s something that only the person that has it can ever give up. The kind of respect that creates an honorable person is the kind that there seems to be too little of in this day and age. It is the ability to keep one’s word, to make promises and hold yourself to them, to be upstanding amidst those that are not, and above all to show respect to oneself and to others without fail.

Integrity is the ability to do the right thing when being observed or when no one is around. It’s remaining honest, dignified, and above all true to yourself regarding your principles at all times. Far too often people are willing to simply give up on their own moral standing and do what is simple rather than what is needed. There are many cases in which people will cite the fact that life is hard, that it is cruel, and that it is unfair to those that stand up for what they believe in.

Welcome to world. It’s not perfect, and neither are we, but standing up for yourself and your principles is still important. Giving up on either is essentially giving up on yourself and all those that believe in you.

There are always going to be circumstances that will test the boundaries of honor and integrity.

Doing the right thing isn’t always doing the right thing. What this means is that the boundaries of your honor and your integrity will both be tested in life and will force you to make a choice as to where you stand based on those ideals you follow and what you know to be right and just as a human being.

A person can possibly keep both their honor and their integrity and still be seen to be in the wrong, so long as they’re holding to their own ideals.

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