Why is keeping your word important? Our parents, relatives, teachers, and anyone and everyone that we interact with try to impart this upon us when we’re young for good reason since it happens to be one of the core principles of being a decent person that can live in an ordered society. But why is it important? Well, if you can’t keep your word then the chances are good that you can’t be relied on for anything really. A person that can’t be relied on is usually someone that people tend to avoid when it comes to responsibility and dependability. Still not convinced?

Well let’s break it down then.

When you keep your word to someone you show them that you value the time they’ve given you.

In many different ways people invest in you when they give you even a minute of their time. If it’s a polite or even just casual conversation then there’s really nothing to worry about unless you make a promise that is meant to be kept later on. Conversation is usually about anything, from how a person has been doing to what’s going on in their life to what they’re doing at that moment. It’s easy to have a conversation and not expect anything from someone.

But if you make a commitment to someone, even if it’s something that doesn’t seem all that important, keeping your word is still something that lets them know that you took some value from the time they spent with you. It could be something as simple as meeting up later for this or that, but not keeping your word usually means that you didn’t value your time with them and as a result you decided it was okay to disrespect them by not keeping your word. When it’s nothing that important many people will shrug it off and go on with their lives, but when a person gives their word for something important and then doesn’t keep it becomes more difficult to trust them from that point on. Keeping your word that you’ll do something or be there for someone is payback on the investment that another person has placed in you, and casually tossing it aside by not keeping your word is a good way to make it known that you have little to no respect for others.

The first time might be a gimme, but if there’s a second and a third you might not get a fourth.

In fact some people might not even give you a second if you decide to not keep your word. Some people are forgiving and might, after some time, give you another chance. But the idea is that you grow and you learn from your mistakes, and one of the biggest things to learn is that if you give your word to someone you do everything in your power to keep it, or you keep your mouth shut.

Yeah that’s right I said it, if you feel that you can’t keep a promise or keep your word then keep your mouth shut on those empty words. It might seem a bit harsh but it’s good advice since letting people down isn’t typically a good idea if you want them to keep faith in you.

Keeping your word is a good way to stay employed.

This is undoubtedly one of the biggest concerns of any employer, having an employee that will keep their word when it comes to showing up on time, showing up at all, and getting the job done. Any employee that can do that is ahead of the game and will no doubt go far so long as they keep up the habit of doing what they say they’ll do. Those that are late, don’t show up at all, or don’t perform the job that they’ve said they can do are typically those that don’t last too long at any job.

Your employer is putting the time and effort into your training, your employment, and your future, with much of it being at their expense. If you can’t muster up the nerve to help them out by keeping your word and showing up to work when you need to then it’s a good bet that they’ll find someone that will.

Keeping your word isn’t just a saying, it’s a way of life that can take you further than the ‘me first’ method.

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