Occasionally you’ve got to take time to play, relax, or just sit back from your desk or your job, wherever it might be, and take a breath. We work to provide for ourselves, our families, and to earn the life that we want, but in the process we tend to give up a lot of that life to the job. There’s no need to be bitter or resentful about it though since we did choose the life and we did tend to choose the job that we want, or at least something that we can stomach since it pays well enough.

Those that didn’t, well, it might be time to think about a new line of work. But the whole idea of work is that you get to earn enough to do what you want with life when it’s your time. Unfortunately a lot of people these days tend to occupy that free time with more work since the cost of living in some areas has gone up to such ridiculous heights that just paying the rent or the mortgage is enough to break a person’s paycheck each month and leave little left for bills and other amenities that are needed.

People have to eat after all, and it’s nice to do that in a home that has electricity. But what price does all that work exact on a person? Well, here’s a few things it affects, and likely they’re things that people have already come to realize for years upon years before now.

So why do we still do it?

Working too long and too hard can affect your health in a negative way.

Just like an engine in danger of overheating, the body needs to rest time and again in order to cool down so that it doesn’t wear out. Our bodies are only geared to take so much in a 24-hour period and working for nearly two-thirds of that is simply insane. People do it though, pushing through 12-hour days to take a double shift when allowed in order to earn that bigger paycheck. Then people wonder why they don’t feel well after too many double-shifts and begin to experience fatigue, sickness, and a general feeling of being worn out for no good reason days after the fact.

Your body needs rest in between periods of physical and even mental activity. This is a part of why work days are geared the way they are and why employers are legally obliged to create different shifts, so that their workers will be able to come back refreshed and not burned-out husks ready to collapse at any moment.

Too many hours spent away from home can put a strain on relationships.

Be it a significant other, spouse, or kids, the time you spend at work is time spent away from those that care about you. This is hard to argue however since the time you spend at work is typically spent trying to earn a better life and the funds that are needed to survive and to get ahead in life. But unless you’re needing to work three jobs or more just to survive then you might need to dial it back and find an alternative to working the long, grueling hours that keep you away from those that care about you and depend on you.

Kids suffer worse than adults since they don’t fully understand when they’re younger just why mommy or daddy spend so much time away from home. Added to that is the fact that by the time you get home the kids are either in bed or you’re too worn out to do much of anything. Kids need a lot of attention, as do those in your life that are there for you, so working too hard might be a means to an end, but it’s also a good way to put undue stress on the relationships you have with others.

Again, that one is hard to argue since without working it’s hard to support those you care about.

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