Rick McKee / Augusta Chronicle

People want to believe in Trump and that’s fine. People want to believe he’s going to do great things, okay. They want to build him up after he acts like a jerk over Twitter and on TV….okay, ignore it and let it slide. He wants to drain the swamp in DC.

So far that seems like a big no-go.

You don’t drain a swamp by trying to outsmart career politicians.

When he’s not appointing controversial politicians to aid in his term he seems to be trying to deny other politicians on other fronts, and unfortunately he doesn’t seem smart enough to know how to do this with any real efficiency. There are many reasons why draining the swamp is nearly impossible in DC and when it comes to politicians it tends to have to do with loopholes in the law and corners that can be cut that will allow them to get away with just about anything they want. Trump should know enough about cutting corners at this point and having to jump through legal loopholes, yet it seems as though the mere act of trying to limit career politicians in any way is something he thinks is exceedingly simple.

Taking a more direct approach would cause a great deal of unrest unfortunately.

There is no real way to simply clear out the swamp and start over since it would have to be approved by the same people that would agree to step down for the good of the nation and allow others with new ideas that might help America come in and get things sussed out. Few if any people in government are going to willingly remove themselves from office for the good of the people, even if it is TRULY for the good of the people. And paycuts? Good luck with that one.

Taking a more ham-fisted approach might seem like a good idea but in truth it would only make things that much worse.

Saying he was going to drain the swamp was an even bigger mistake than trying to THINK he could.

Let’s put aside the good things that have happened in Trump’s presidency so far so that we don’t have to muddy them. That being done we can focus on the fact that this might be one of the biggest lies he’ll have told in an effort to get into the oval office. The sheer audacity that politicians have to spout empty words that not even they believe sometimes is astounding since one can only imagine what they must say when the cameras are off and the press has taken their leave.

People want to believe in Trump, but until that swamp clears it’s a little too hazy to really see past the muck and mire to what’s really going on.

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