It’s hard to quantify really, but every last thing in this world, everything you see and everything you don’t, every last thought, idea, and unwritten word or feeling that’s ever come across the mind of man or beast is a part of it. The story is so pervasive that it can’t be escaped and it can’t be avoided, and if one tries then they’re bound to become an even bigger part of it, their chapter being written out of sheer habit as those that ply the hidden pathways of the world with their words seek to capture every last bit of what there is to be had.

It’s the experience, the inexperience, the tale, the epic, the satire, the drama and the romance. The story is something that isn’t easily defined and yet is simple enough to understand by realizing that it goes on with or without us here. Simply accepting it is hard for many since they can’t see it, quantify it, or qualify it as something worthy of note. The ethereal nature of the story is that it belongs to no one and everyone all at once, as we all have a part in it and will play that part in the best way we know how from the time we draw our first breath to the moment we’re gone from this plane of existence.

And then guess what?

Some part of us, no matter how big or small, will continue to exist as the story, and perhaps an even bigger part of us will go on towards another plane to continue the story in a different form, adding more and more chapters as we continue to shift and move about, bundles of energy that contribute to the giant mess that was created so long ago and might have an end any day or no end in sight since in truth we are all moving, talking, walking, believing bundles of energy that want to think that there’s something else, no matter our claims otherwise.

The story isn’t something you can grab onto and make your own, but you can contribute. Anyone that does try to grab hold of it will find that it’s like grabbing smoke, no matter how solid if feels. The story is something that exists for everyone no matter their belief, and will continue gather everything to fill its unending pages for as long as this world and others exist.

The story is hard to put into simple words. But one thing that’s certain is that it will continue, no matter what.

The story does stop from time to time, but it never ends.

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