Astoria, OR

February 19th, 2019

Turning off the TV Caden closed his eyes as he leaned back on the couch, and thus missed the dark apparition that appeared in the reflection offered by the screen. Yawning slightly he tossed the remote on the couch, sitting up and forward as he tried to figure out what to do for the rest of the day. He and Alan didn’t have any plans and a lot of his friends were out of town for the weekend. He was thinking that he and Alan could make their way down to the school to shoot some hoops when a flicker of motion caught his eye from the TV.

The screen was still dark but Caden saw something move into the darker shadows of the screen, a faint motion of what might have been someone’s reflection, but he couldn’t be sure. Turning around quickly he saw nothing where the form should have been, only the corner of the wall that separated the short hallway from the front door to the dining room area. Sitting back again he looked to the TV. There was nothing there, only the reflection of the room stared back at him.


The whisper was faint, almost furtive, but it made him grin in a long-suffering way that had him shaking his head as he stood up from the couch. Alan was obviously playing a prank on him, or trying to. Whatever he thought he’d seen outside was probably fueling this little charade, but Caden would play along, at least for now.

The voice sounded like it had come from just beyond the wall that the TV was mounted to, in the open space that they used as a sort of sitting room. It led out to the side patio which in turn wrapped around via asphalt pathway to their back yard. It would be easy for Alan to pull a trick on him in such a manner since his means of egress could take him from one point to another with only a minimal amount of noise.

Caden found that he didn’t need a trip to the school at that moment, the game was on right here.

(to be continued)

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