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Forgiveness is a difficult thing to hand out sometimes as it’s not quite as easy as some people like to make it out to be. Depending on the reason why it’s necessary it might be next to impossible, though some might disagree. It depends on how hard a person’s heart is and why as to when and if they will ever forgive a person.

The difficulty has much to do with the severity of harm and humiliation that has been suffered.

If you’re still holding onto a grudge that’s been years in the making then you could be a hard-hearted person, especially if the person you haven’t forgiven has moved on and forgotten what they did in the first place. At that point you’re granting them power over your life that they know nothing about. Having done this more than once I can relate from experience that it’s a miserable drag on your life that is not necessary, nor is is amenable to moving forward. Let go of that hatred or dislike of someone in your life that has long since moved out of it. The weight you feel dropping away will remind you just what it’s like to live without having to remember the bad times.

It’s quite liberating really. The past slights and hurts aren’t erased obviously, they’re a part of your life that will always be there, but the moment you let go of the pain and the negativity that comes with them you’ll find it easier to laugh them off, to push them to the back of your mind where they belong, and to fully enjoy the view forward that is your life. By forgiving those that wronged you the chance to take control of the life you lead is refreshing in a way, as it will remind you that no one else is in charge of your life but YOU.

Forgiveness is hard, but it’s a necessary means of living.

The more grudges you add in your life the more emotional baggage you’ll be taking on, and that particular weight can get quite heavy. It can do more than stunt your emotional and mental growth as an individual, it can push you away from others before you have the chance to understand why you’re actively distancing yourself from them. The act of forgiveness isn’t always a balm that will fix everything, but it is a chance to drop that weight and allow yourself the chance to become a part of humanity once again and enjoy the good times without always thinking about the bad.

Shrugging that weight off isn’t easy, but it’s necessary to keep moving forward.


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