It’s very easy to lose faith in humanity at times since to be quite honest a lot of people do a lot of stupid things. We harm one another for seemingly no reason, we hate one another for even less reason, and we seek the destruction of those we don’t like for nothing more than what amount to a minor slight that one person or another can’t let go. As humans we’re a mess sometimes and don’t seem to know which way is up when it comes to being decent to one another.


If you take the more pessimistic view people are horrible to each other. They find the slightest difference and decide to act on it rather than sit back and think about what their actions and their words might do. They follow those that are somehow deemed as intelligent, wise, and are possessed of a strong moral compass when it comes to singling others out for one difference or another.

People tend to harm one another for the dumbest things, but don’t seem to recognize this fact until it’s too late.

On the flip side however, people can be great to each other as well.


There are those that help to restore faith in humanity, reminding us that those who speak of violence and hatred are not the overall voice of human kind, and thus do not set the standard for all of us. A single act of kindness can help resort the faith that we need to continue to believe that humanity is indeed worth the effort, and that we’re not all mindless savages looking to harm one another whenever the moment presents itself.

It takes one act of random kindness every so often to remind a person that we’re not hateful animals that will turn on each other at the drop of a dime. So long as that one act of kindness is present in the world, humanity has at least a chance of redemption.

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