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‘Can’t’ is a word that a lot of people don’t like since it denotes the inability to do something or the defeatist attitude that a lot of folks don’t want to deal with. But there are moments when it’s used to describe truths in life that are hard to ignore. For instance, you can’t hope to please everyone you meet in life, or you’re bound to set yourself up for failure. You can do your very best to insure that you at least try, but in this you still need to understand that human nature is bound to disappoint you at one turn or another.

Some people are pleasers.

There’s nothing wrong with this truth since some people are born to please others. It makes them happy and gives them a sense of accomplishment that they might not be able to reach otherwise. Their lives are meant to be in service to others and that is their calling. It’s inspirational really since not everyone seems to share this sentiment. But it’s also a recipe for failure at times if such folks decide that they’re going to help every last person they meet in some way only to find that some folks simply don’t want their help and won’t accept it no matter what.

A lot of them still keep pushing forward, which is great, while some of take that rebuff from others in a manner that’s less than positive and come to find that the world around them is not as kind as they are and will gladly take advantage of them if they continue on such a path. That’s where people tend to lose their way or steel themselves and keep moving forward. The realization that you won’t be able to please every last person you meet is one that’s hard to take at first, but the more you come to realize the truth of it, the more it will shape your life moving forward.

Do you fold or do you focus?

People are entitled to their opinion in this world, in fact it’s one of the only things we’re entitled to that doesn’t come with an initial cost. Whether you will satisfy that opinion or cause that person to stand even more firmly against you is all dependent on what they think, feel, and believe. One thing that no one has the right to do is force their beliefs on anyone else if they find opposition to their way of thinking. Some pleasers do this in an attempt to show others the value of their way of thinking, others do it simply out of a blend of ignorance and arrogance that can be astounding as well as dangerous.

You won’t please everyone or satisfy their needs, so don’t try. This sounds very negative and can even be seen as an open challenge by pleasers, but it is a very hard truth to take. Some people will stand in opposition of what you want and what you believe simply based on principle, and there will be little if anything you can do to change their mind. A compromise might be possible, an agreement to disagree is even more likely, but changing someone’s mind to make them more agreeable is not the way it tends to happen. If a person is going to come around to your way of thinking it has to be on their terms, and in their own good time.

You WILL NOT please everyone.

No matter what we do in this life there will always be those that oppose us, those that don’t like what we’re doing, and those that will speak out against us. This is a very constant and unyielding truth. Whether we agree with it or not doesn’t matter. It’s the fact that it is something that humanity must deal with on a continual basis that has to be recognized. If you satisfy the majority of those you come in contact with then you’ve done something amazing and more than a little spectacular. If you satisfy half of them you’re on the right track. If you satisfy one person in this life and please them in ways that only you can, then you’ve found a decidedly worth purpose.

Worry about satisfying one person, then do what you can to appease others. But first and foremost, satisfy that one.

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