Walk into any place in this country and pronounce that Trump is the best president ever and you might be met with a mixed reaction, just as you would have with any other president. Why is that? Because few, if any, US presidents have ever been so universally loved that they could be called the absolute “best”. Ask around however and it’s almost certain that you might find those that would claim that there are plenty of presidents that would be called the “worst”.

It’s hard to love a president you don’t believe in.

Be it Trump, Reagan, Obama, Carter, Johnson, or anyone else on the list from the beginning of the whole mess, the person sitting in the oval office has never had the full support of the entire country because no matter what happens they’ve always managed to do or say something that has upset someone somewhere that didn’t happen to think it was good idea. The day a president is found that can actually satisfy every citizen might just be the day that the world ends since true harmony by way of a politician is something that doesn’t seem possible or even feasible, even for a fantasy or science fiction novel.

It’s very hard to believe in a president that you don’t believe in simply because following that person means giving up at least a little bit on what you believe and how you feel about certain policies and how the country is being run. It’s a compromise that many people make but feel soiled over when it’s all said and done.

The person sitting in the chair isn’t important, it’s the position they’re filling.

Most everyone would agree that our country needs a president, a leader that’s both strong of will and of course has a heart when it comes to their people. Unfortunately while some of those that have taken office have had one or the other very few have had both. The idea of getting to the top spot appeals to a lot of people that seek it, but the reality that hits once they get to that spot is that they’ll make just about any compromise they can to get there and then to stay there. People that support the current president and people that have supported controversial presidents throughout history have made any and every possible excuse as to why their candidate is allowed to act the way they do.

Why though is pretty simple, they don’t want to admit that they backed the wrong person and will gladly put anything and everything positive they can think of in place of the negatives that continue to mount up, not just those noticed by the media, but those that the POTUS sees fit to add all on their own.

The position of POTUS isn’t a job meant to be about luxury and privilege, it’s a service role.

Sounds odd doesn’t it? Especially since our current POTUS seems to love his vacations and showing just how much money he can spend during his leisure time. Oh yes, a lot of them have done it and they’ve spent the kind of money that many taxpayers won’t ever see in their lives but will surely dream about. But when you really get down to it the job of the POTUS is to SERVE the American people, not sit back and be served by them. Their role is to guide the country, to lead it, and in doing so to serve the best interests of the people that they are responsible for as a country.

It’s kind of odd how so many candidates have let that little detail slip away from them.

So really when you think about it there’s no real ‘best’ or ‘worst’ POTUS, there are those that put their needs second to the country, and those that seem to think that their position grants them the ability to sit on a pedestal above their fellow citizens.

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