Seattle, WA

May 17th, 2021

You don’t normally hear about things being smuggled into or out of Canada, at least not in the same regard as you do with Mexico, it does happen. People tend to think that Canadians are more on the up and up then our neighbors the south. But that’s part of makes crime so readily available and able to exist beneath the radar, the people that don’t believe it’s happening in the first place.

The small smuggling ring I was involved in, mostly because I owed a debt to someone at that point, had to do mostly with DVD’s and phones, items that are easy enough to move if a person knows how. But the penalty for being caught with smuggled items was great enough at that point that the ring was going through mules on a regular basis, largely because they selected people that were desperate, like me.

You want to know how they keep people in those positions? Fear and debt. In some rings you never get to escape the life as I learned from others, but in some cases you can buy your way, provided you don’t eat, don’t use any of the luxuries they provide, and don’t bother doing anything other than surviving on what little you can. I made smuggler history I believe by not only being one of those that actually worked off my debit in a little over a year’s time, but also because I carried the biggest hauls over the border and somehow got away with it. There wasn’t any real secret however, but there was plenty of shame.

One of the border guards was a man I went to school with.

His name was Karl Mason, and he and I were pretty good friends back in the day. In fact if not for that he probably would have busted me the first time he saw the haul I was bringing over the border. A lot of times when you’re on something like a tour bus or anything that can haul a large number of people and look legal the border patrol won’t bother searching through every piece of luggage, unless there’s word of someone trying to move something illegal that is.

But each and every time I came across with a load, and mine were usually the biggest and most risky, I had managed to somehow make my way into the good graces of a tour group or hired myself out as a driver or concierge or something that would get me on as a part of the group. I might not have had a lot of prospects at that time, but I did have a lot of charm, and I still do in fact.

I made more deliveries across the border than two or three of the mules put together, and Karl was the only one that ever caught me, and that was only bad luck that soon turned into something I’m still ashamed of to this day.

(to be continued)

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