Astoria, OR

February 19th, 2019

Fear kept Alan in place for a moment as he steadied himself, having risen and walked to Aiden’s doorway, half-expecting to see something lurking just inside the doorway. But nothing was there except the large wooden dresser that had been his and even Caden’s at one point. The room wasn’t as large as his or Caden’s, in fact it had been a spare room used for guests and little else before Aiden was born, but there was still a closet on the opposite wall from where his little brother was still sleeping.

Swallowing hard and licking his lips nervously Alan debated making his way over to the closet, which was shut thankfully. He didn’t need to scare himself silly to prove that he was already unnerved by what he’d seen outside, but he also didn’t like the idea of leaving his little brother alone with something in the room if he could avoid it. He might have been just a kid but he cared about his family, and if he had the chance to shout out a warning maybe it could help.

He could already hear what his brother would say to that, he’d probably quote something from one of those old Police Academy movies he loved so much, something about how a frog wouldn’t bump it’s ass if it had wings. Caden was always quoting old movies in order to make Alan feel like even more of a nerd for not knowing them. Somehow that thought managed to allow him to cross the room, whereupon he flung the closet door wide open, feeling like a fool all of a sudden as he expected to be consumed alive by whatever he’d seen and heard. Wasn’t that how people died in scary movies after all, by just barging in?


The single word was only whispered, but it made his heart start pounding anew as he spun around, the barest glimpse of pale, white eyes registering in his field of vision as everything became a sudden blur and then focused yet again in a split second. Blinking heavily Alan found himself backing towards the closet, only to cry out in alarm as something touched him from behind, nestling upon his neck as he jumped forward.

It was just then that Aiden woke, crying as he was startled from his nap. Alan looked back, swearing under his breath as he saw several shirts and spare jackets that belonged to his parents swinging gently on their hangars. He was going to catch a lecture from his mother for this, he was sure of it. But as he closed his eyes and shook his head, gaining his feet once again, he completely missed the wispy form that passed by the doorway, making its way down the hall towards his parents’ room.

(to be continued)

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