You know what happens when you say this kind of thing to a government official? Typically you get an explanation of the Constitution, what the American people don’t know, and the idea that we only get half of the picture that spurs our outrage from the ‘corrupt’ media that are there to sway our opinion.

Maybe, maybe.

It’s hard to believe in those that prove they’re not worthy leaders.

No one’s perfect, this much has been proven throughout the history of mankind, but those that commit crimes of any sort in this society are generally thought to be headed to one place, prison.  Yet when it comes to government few if any have ever really gone to do hard time for the crimes they’ve committed, even if they’ve been found guilty. Lenient jail sentences, fines, community service, and house arrest are about as difficult as it gets for those that are somehow deemed to be irreplaceable in the upper ranks of government.

They get a pass for their behavior, they get to explain why what they did wasn’t their fault, and then they get to go on living their lives. What happens to those of us that live within the general population, well away from the country clubs and mansions that would cost us more than we’d ever make in our lives? We get sent to jail, we get harsh and unflinching penalties that mark us for the rest of our lives, sometimes thanks to policies that the criminals in office see fit to sign while flouting them with impunity.

Let’s not even talk about compensation.

They can still serve while under criminal investigation, and even if, and this is a nearly impossible IF, they do see jail time, politicians can still get paid. What happens to the rest of us? We’re SOL, relegated to relying on commissary or making what little money we can while incarcerated. Being a politician essentially means you’re set for life so long as you don’t do anything that might actually force someone to cut the safety net that deploys just in time to save anyone from losing their seat or their place of privilege.

And in case you’re wondering, the average politician will make more per year than most of us will make in two to three, and that’s even during retirement. If that doesn’t irritate some of you then I’ve done my best for the moment.

It’s time to remind them who they serve.

Perhaps it’s time to remind every last politician the details of their supposed ‘job’ and reverse the wealth that continues to line their pockets. Make them abide by the policies they sign, make them earn the money that sets them up for life, and allow them to remember what it’s like to scrape and scratch for a living in a nation that is set upon by the laws and policies that they and their predecessors have been subsisting off for so long.

It’s time to remind them that they are in fact quite replaceable.

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