Astoria, OR

February 19th, 2019

Throughout the house life continued as was normal. Alan knew that Caden was watching TV and Aiden would probably be asleep for a little while longer. Their mother would be doing chores until their father got home in a little while, and that gave him the opportunity to check his notes for the thousandth time that week and wonder just what other ghost stories he could possibly find that would coincide with what he’d seen. So far nothing he could find had seemed to fit, but he knew what he’d seen, and it had seen him too.

Or rather, SHE had seen him. He didn’t know who she was, but she looked like one of the newer, more elegant kind of movie ghosts that were so prominent in Hollywood movies, the kind that didn’t show the wear and tear that most spirits in the movies did. She looked like she’d died peacefully, in a serene state. But her eyes were anything but peaceful. The wide, dead stare that only a corpse could have had looked back at him, nearly making Alan wet his pants despite being a pre-teen.

It had been a chance encounter, something that was there and gone in an instant, but he knew what he’d seen. That Caden hadn’t seen it wasn’t surprising, his brother didn’t believe in anything if he couldn’t see, touch, or hear it. In fact in his family it seemed safe to say that Alan was the only one that even believed in the paranormal.  It had been one of his few interests for the past few years and he’d gotten pretty deep into it. He’d never studied much of the occult since his parents wouldn’t let him, but he’d still read everything else that they would allow.

Looking over his notes on the Liberty Theater and then the Flavel House, both noted points in Astoria when it came to ghost activity, he suddenly became aware of a strange whispering from just down the hall. Aiden’s room was adjacent to his, which meant that he was one of the first to hear when his little brother woke up in the morning, but he was supposed to be napping still.

Maybe he’d woke up and decided to make a sound that sounded like whispering? Alan dismissed that notion quickly since Aiden wasn’t even making those kinds of sounds yet, at least not in the controlled way this sounded. So was his mom up here? He would have heard her normally, but maybe he’d been too involved in his notes. Part of him said he should at least go and check, Aiden was his brother after all. But another part said only danger waited in that room. Despite being a skinny, slightly-nerdy kid though that spurred him to slide off his bed, putting his books and notes down, and to make his way into the hallway, walking quietly as he did so.

It was only a short distance to his brother’s room, and as he could see the door was open just a crack. The whispering continued as he made his way into the hall, but it was so low that he couldn’t make out what was being said. As he neared Aiden’s bedroom however he managed to make out three words.

“…shall be mine.”

Just as he was about to push into the room the door to Aiden’s room slammed quite forcefully, almost smacking Alan in the nose as he stumbled backward and tripped, landing hard on his butt as he scooted away from the door. Just as he was about to get back up though he looked up.

The door was wide open, and no one was there.

(to be continued)

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