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There are more stories out there than any one person can count, but there are untold numbers that have not been written for various reasons. If you say that they don’t count then you’re fooling yourself since quite honestly the stories untold never fully go away, they wait to be picked up by those that are willing to entertain that stray thought that wasn’t grasped by the writer that had the chance at that time. Each idea will, in time, come back to those that had it, as though seeking the welcome of an old friend that they’ve not seen in some time.

The real tragedy is that it might never be realized, and that it might go sailing about on the winds forever, or at least for as long as it takes that wisp to enter the mind of another and be developed. Writers know this tragedy very well, for it’s the tragedy that allows us to realize that only so many stories can be written in a finite lifetime. By the time our fingers our old and feeble and can no longer tell the story as they once did, the ideas will still come, and they will still tease at our minds, begging to be realized and taken down as new and exciting tales that can entertain yet another generation.

Alas, at some point each writer must realize that the story has left them behind, and all the will remain are the fond memories of their time spent within its mysterious and maddening folds. But oh, what a memory it should be…


While we’re here there are no limits, no subjects that are taboo, and no boundaries that cannot be crossed. If you feel the need to write something then write it. You are the writer, and thus you ARE the story. You are the one that can change it, the one that can save a world or condemn it to obscurity, and it is in your ability to bring it to life.

You are the story, and so long as there are writers, the end to the story will remain far out of sight. Remember, the story stops, but it never ends.

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