It seems the POTUS got a hold of remote control recently and happened to see the latest LeBron James interview with Don Lemon, one of Trump’s favorite targets. What came via Tweet, apparently Trump’s only unfiltered and unaided way of communication, was something that seemed completely in character for him as well as highly expected. The only question is, why does he bother?

It’s true that LeBron didn’t decide to go to college until later on.

He went straight from high school to the NBA, eschewing the link in between as he didn’t attend college. But this hardly makes him stupid, especially since he’s been doing what he can to help at-risk kids by opening a school and helping to pay for the kind of education that might be otherwise denied to those within the selected area. Trump can boast all he want about his college years and his great education, as well as whatever he’s done for others, but striking out against another individual when it’s not warranted doesn’t exactly denote intelligence. It says far more about Trump’s lack of character than anything.

LeBron did make a statement a while back that he wouldn’t sit meet with Trump, ever.

It might not have been those exact words but there’s no love lost between the two even despite the fact that Trump tweeted (yes the man tweets a lot) encouragement to LeBron in 2013. At this time neither man seems able to stand the other and much of it has to do with Trump being the POTUS and the fact that he seems more like a child throwing a tantrum on Twitter than a grown man that should know better than to let his mouth run away from his brain.

It was a very pointless tweet.

Trump doesn’t seem to have a personal filter in place that stops him from saying whatever he wants to say, and somehow his supporters don’t have an issue with it. He even had to add in that he liked Mike, meaning Michael Jordan, at the end just for a shameless dig at LeBron. Really, that’s all he’s got? Micheal Jordan was even quick to back away from the statement by saying that he supports what LeBron is doing and thinks it’s great.

Is Trump off his meds again?

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