This is when you find the need to question your faith in humanity, and especially your faith in religious leaders. No matter what was going on before this was filmed it stands to reason that the man outside the fence is nothing less than despicable. He’s also supremely lucky.

The kangaroo wasn’t doing anything in the clip that could be called even vaguely threatening or offensive. Whatever might have happened before is kind of irrelevant since the man, and I’m using that term loosely, could simply walk away if the kangaroo had seemed at all aggressive. But looking at this clip the animal was anything but aggressive. In fact it seems as though the ‘roo was attempting to stand his ground while avoiding the ineffective punches and jabs of Ciftci while perhaps wondering just why the man was bothering to reach over its fence.

If you read a little bit on kangaroos you’ll understand why the man is so lucky.

Kangaroos have been known to jump about 6 feet in the air, which means this critter could easily bound over the fence and deliver a bit of justice to the man that thinks he’s safe enough to bat at an animal that could open him up with just one kick. How you ask? The kangaroo isn’t just about kicking power, they have heavy claws on their feet that can be extremely deadly if they connect. And if that’s not enough the force generated by one kick would be enough to kill a person outright. Keep in mind that 20 psi is enough to generate a fatality. Even if the person in question was caught with a glancing blow it would likely be enough to cause a few internal injuries.

A glancing blow might not cause as much damage, but a full-on kick to the chest or stomach from one of these animals would put any human down for the count if it didn’t kill them right away. See how he’s lucky now?

To be honest though this is just a disgusting spectacle by someone that doesn’t seem to realize just how outmatched he really is, even with a fence between him and his target. It almost makes you want to goad the kangaroo into hopping the fence, or perhaps bop the man back to let him see what it feels like.

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