Violence is not to be condoned, but it is to be understood. It is not to be preached, but it is not to be shied away from when necessary. It is not to be sought after, but it is not to ignored when it happens either. To those that seek to be pacifists and those that seek to deny violence the truth is that they sometimes seek to change the very nature of humanity, the same humanity with its many different facets that helped to build the world and the podiums atop which those that preach non-violence stand.

Violence is not always the answer.

This is true, but unfortunately it is also false. Peace exists because violence made it a necessity and made it possible. Violence exists because of human nature, because we are born to destroy what we create even as we continue to build a future for the generations that will come after us. Sound a little confusing? It’s the essence of human nature to be abstract in the things we do and as a result it becomes a complicated matter to sort out the ethical and moral fiber of a human being. We are neither wholly good nor wholly evil upon birth, but neither are we a blank slate.

We are the product of an environment and species that continually war with one another in order to establish dominance so that we might learn our place in the world and who will determine the course that will be followed. Violence is not always the answer, but it is often the vehicle that is used to find that ever-elusive answer.

This world is beautiful, but it is also undeniably violent.

Look around you. Everything that is not ‘civilized’ as humanity would have it is attempting to find its place in this world in the most archaic and savage of ways. Those creatures that exist upon this world that do not seek to dominate all others are typically those that will seek to survive by any means possible. Be it savagery or trickery of some sort, violence in nature is undeniable. We are born to a world that is wondrous and beautiful, but at it’s core, it’s most primal and instinctual heart, a violent and unstable thing that will pit each and every living thing against one another in a continual struggle to survive. It sounds rather bleak when one looks at it this way, but the truth of it is hard to deny.

Humans have earned their place in this world through continual violence as well as the peaceful actions that have been born out of necessity. We are not a simple species when it comes to how we assert our dominance, and violence has long been one of the token acts by which human beings have become known throughout the world. From the smallest to the greatest, there is violence in our actions no matter the method with which it is applied.

Violence is not the only answer, but upon being born to this world it is impossible to escape.

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