Astoria, OR

February 19th, 2019

Settling himself on the couch with the TV remote in one hand and his half-eaten apple in his other Caden began to ponder just what he wanted to watch as the TV flickered on. He frowned for just a moment however as in the reflection of the darkened screen, just for a split second, he could have sworn that he saw the reflection of someone on the front porch.

The long, narrow windows that were set into the wall to either side of the front door were more decorative than anything but they had the advantage of letting someone inside see who was coming to the door. They had their own blinds, but since they lived nearly at the top of a very large hill they didn’t worry much about closing them. Plus, Astoria was a small enough city that the crime rate wasn’t all that bad and their parents weren’t too worried about doing anything more than locking the door.

But as he turned around on the couch Caden saw no one standing in the window, no shadow that might have indicated anyone at the door, and certainly no movement. Shaking his head he turned back around as the screen was now being dominated by a slow, murderous-looking horde of zombies.

“Nice try Alan,” he muttered, taking another bite of his apple as he hit the GUIDE button on the remote. He didn’t mind zombie movies but he knew his mother wouldn’t approve so long as his younger brothers were awake. So he went about finding something that would be a little more acceptable. As he found a cooking show that was fun to watch he went to hit the ENTER button after highlighting it with the cursor keys, and froze.

Had one of the zombies just turned her head to look at him? He shook his head, not bothering to believe it, but as he hit the ENTER button he couldn’t help but think that he’d seen what he thought he’d seen. The angle of the camera had had the zombie horde moving away, towards the zombies’ next target, which had been a pair of women running for their lives from the slow-moving monsters. So unless an actor had been breaking kayfabe as the saying went….

No, no he’d been imagining it, he was certain. After another moment he found himself believing this as he munched contentedly on the rest of his apple. In fact he was so sure of it that he didn’t even register the shadow that crossed in front of the window to the left of the door. He didn’t even notice when it lingered for a moment, as though taking stock of the young boy beyond the glass, and then moved away.

(to be continued)

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